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Global supplier

Offshore Callcenter Group was established as a call center organization focused on the Western European market and has grown into a global supplier of inbound and outbound call center services. Together with its partners, OCG has built up a workforce of more than a thousand employees.

Increase sales

By showing flexibility in a rapidly growing market, we quickly develop. By only working with native speakers we create a connection with your (potential) customers. We have a diverse range of outsourcing services. Together with you, we are happy to work on a larger scope for your company, increasing your turnover and generating more sales.

Outbound sales B2C0%
Customer service & inbound sales0%
You can expect the following from us
  • Active in all European countries.
  • We do not work with “home offices” but always with specialized and dedicated teams within a contact center. There is a competitive advantage through innovative working methods. Because we use low-fee call centers you save around 30%.
  • We lead the way by constantly focusing on modern technologies. For example, we have an order tool and data/lead management system designed by ourselves. This enables us to monitor leads in real time. This in turn leads to higher conversions and lower acquisition costs.
  • Through very diverse expertise, training and background within the team we are a stable foundation for knowledge and talent.
Our most important properties and qualities are as following
  • State of the art predictive dialing technology with digital recording and call monitoring capabilities. This ensures that your agents work as efficiently as possible, reducing the costs of contact/sales.
  • Extensive attention is paid to the training so that the quality and performance of our competitors are surpassed.
  • Specialized teams with an individual “hands on” approach ensure that all (strategic) objectives are achieved and exceeded.
  • Highly qualified senior management with proven experience. Which ensures that your project is in good hands.
  • The ability to quickly and successfully implement a customized effective and efficient marketing strategy by using low fee call centers. Which makes you find new customers or serve existing clients at very attractive rates!

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Casper Pruijn – CEO

My name is Casper Pruijn. In 2013 I founded the Offshore Callcenter Group. I am the first point of contact for new relationships. It is my great pleasure to discuss the possibilities for your company together with you!

Grote Sloot 145, 1752 JK Sintmaartensbrug, The Netherlands
E casper.pruijn@offshorecallcentergroup.com
T +31 6 39 32 68 10