Are you looking for an experienced team that helps you set up
an efficient call center? Using the most innovative technology?
But one that also offers a good price/quality ratio?

Offshore Callcenter Group has all of that. With a multilingual team and experienced team leaders we can help you set up an effective and efficient call center. We will give you a head start with advice and the provision of customization. Fully tailored to the wishes of your company. We are competitive with our offshore model as well as our innovative technology. Thanks to the combination of highly skilled managers and the use of low wage centers, we can offer an excellent price/quality ratio. Read more about us here >>

We prefer to generate new customers for your company directly. We like that and we are good at it as well.

Customer service

We handle the customer contact you achieve through various channels on behalf of your company. In addition to competent

Training & coaching

Working within a contact centre is not always easy. Making new contacts, analysing customer needs, listening


Listbroking is a different thing, which requires a lot of experience and expertise. To set up a successful

>> Company presentation OCG

Would you like to know more about OCG and setting up a call center? In our company presentation we explain once more what we can do for you.

>> 2017’s figures









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